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Presented by:
Autumn Legends, Artistic Antlers & Artistic Anglers
An awesome array of Fish and Mammals!
Displays are a Show Stopper and Jaw Dropper!
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  Autumn Legends and Artistic Antlers


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World Class Sheds
Will this be the next World Record ????
Giant Ohio Typical Whitetail
Collectors Replicas Now available in Sheds, on a Skull Cap and or Whitetail Skull.
Replica Sheds $1,000.00
Replica with Skull Cap $1,150.00
Replica with European Skull $1,500.00

World Class Ohio Sheds Finished Photo ! Yes, these are the Replicas !

  World Class Ohio Shed Replicas


  Ohio World Class Sheds
  Non Typical Score 257" The Gross Typical frame Score 219" as a 7x7 before deductions of the 31" of abnormal. Plus 5 to 6 inches of side to side deduction, so it Nets around 190" Maybe one of the Highest Net Scoring Typical's in the World that has over 30 inches of abnormal Antler. We made this one with a Inside Spread of 26 3/4"

Ohio World Class Sheds with Skull

Score 257" Non Typ. Gross
Score 219" Typ. Gross
Inside Spread 26 3/4"


Host of P.B.R Outdoors

(Professional Bull Riders)
Stephen LeBlanc
Score 253"
Replica $1,200.00
  Stephen LeBlanc with his Unbelievable Massive Antler Palmation Deer.
Congratulations to you Stephen! Outstanding Whitetail. Truly, one of a kind!

Iowa Albia Sheds replica now available !
This rack measures 311-2/8 gross and 291-7/8 net NT. It is the largest free ranging whitetail ever videoed. It took several years of hunting by many individuals before this trophy was taken. It was finally tagged two years after this set by Tony Lovstuen. The rack is #3 in the World. Replica only $ 2,500.00 This Shoulder mount is Available!

Score 205 "
Replica $1,250.00
Massive Kansas whitetail taken in 2016 season available Now! le!


Score 178"
Replica $1,200.00
Joe Bloise went to Illinois gun season and harvested a absolutely Monster of a Clean 8 Pointer! We have over many past seasons have not seen any 8 pointer with Exceptionally long tines and beams. The bonus was the beautiful colors in this true lifetime Trophy! Congratulations again Joe!

Score 310"
Replica $1,695.00
  Big Louie
Score 270"
Replica $1,195.00
One of the rarest whitetail ever to walk the Planet!! Scoring over 300 inches with only a 13 inch spread!! Never seen before in a whitetail deer with such a high score. Monster mass and incredible height makes this a true one of a kind collectors piece for your collection!!
BIG LOUIE!! This monster whitetail set with an enormous spread of 38 inches has about everything you could want in a rack!!! Monster brows, great mass, and tremendous tines make this a must have for any collection!!!!!!!!!


Score 335"
Replica $1,500.00
Score 315"
Replica $1,500.00
JUMP!! Look at this incredible tree shredder!!!! One look and you know he's boss with giant mass, beauty, character, and a huge typical main frame!!



  Double Down
  Double Down is absolutely hands down, the most massive set of antlers ever grown on a whitetail buck. Over 80 inches of measurable mass that is over double what is considered big mass!!! The average 8 circumferences are over 10 inches. This Giant whitetail approaches 400 inches b/c and the antlers weighed 23 lbs in hard antler just out of velvet. This is a WORLD CLASS BUCK IN ALL WAYS and is well over 30 inches on the outside spread. A very rare opportunity to own a head of this size.


  Double Down
Score 386"
Replica $2,000.00


Score 355"
Replica $1,800.00

  White Water
Score 217" Gross
Replica $1,400.00
Driftwood!! Giant drops, stickers, flyers huge brows this head is a true world class amazing beautiful rack in every way!! Unbelievable outside spread around 35 inches and MONSTER mass make. This a must have!!
Terrific inside spread approaching 30 inches. Giant brow tines, Great mass, and great tine length make this buck a true Minnesota monster. Notice the beauty of this whitetail It's sheer size will amaze you.. This is a great conversation piece for any collectors show room and will surely catch the eye of even the novice hunter... Don't miss the chance to own a Minnesota Legend!



Dr. Lou Genello
"The Big Miss Buck
Score 207"
Replica $950.00
This free range monster buck showed up on a southern Illinois property during the 2011-2012 season. Dr Lou Genello had 3 opportunities to harvest him. Early October an arrow nicked his back right at dark a 40 yards. Mid November a muzzleloader sabot creased his brisket at 237 yards. Mid January a neighbors dog spooked him off while at full draw at 18 yards. Aptly named the The Big Miss he dropped his sheds on February 12th and was never seen again. Grossing over 212 and netting 207 with an estimated inside spread of 24 this typical giant would have stunned the bow and muzzleloader community. An amazing 10 point natural typical rack .
A must have for the discriminate Collector



Score 318"
Replica $1,875.00

in Canadian Colors
Yowza!!! HUGE BLADED BROWS, heavy beams and great tine height and stickers galore make this rack a must for any discreet collector!! Scoring well over 300 inches. This is a once in a life time opportunity!!!

Score 509 6/8
Replica $2,200.00

SHOCK & AWE!!!!!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!


  Matters No 2
Score 262 7/8"
Replica $1,600.00
  Sling Shot
Score 341"
Replica $1,795.00
From the great Minnesota deer hunting state. This monster 260s gross and 258 net officially ranks him #2. Great color with numerous sticker points adds up to one of the most photogenic heads of all time
. .
Sling shot!! If you like freak non typical antlers with gnarly characteristics, sling shot is the buck for you!! Tremendous tines and extra beams going every where makes this buck a real eye catcher!! A must have for the non typical collector!!!

  Pretty Boy
Score 235"
Replica $995.00

PRETTY BOY FLOYD!!! ...........This Kings crown of beautiful typical tines shows the true beauty of a whitetail deer and would satisfy any typical antler enthusiast with a gross typical score of over 215 inches. Add in the few non typical and you end up with a total gross around 235!! Giant typicals are a must have and a rare find!!

Score 321"
Replica $1,795.00
PALAMATED MONSTER BEAMS are a very rare unique antler formation!!
These are some of the biggest in the world with non typical points going everywhere and huge brow tines allows the name moose to be very justifiable!!!


  Mike Charowhas of Amazing Antlers

Border Brute
Score 240"
Replica $795.00
The BORDER BRUTE, one of the biggest 5x5 framed WILD deer ever to walk the earth.. This incredible buck features 3 tines that average 16 inches in length one that goes 17 inches! An enormous spread approaching 30 inches and huge mass on the g3s. The gross 5x5 frame with a 28 inch inside spread is a staggering 217 5/8!!!
Add in the few non typicals and you get a 240 inch gross nontypical..You wont find a bigger frame deer for sheer size..


Score 234"
Replica $875.00

NEW Paint Scheme
Godzilla!!! With a typical 8x8 frame grossing 234 inches. This is the worlds highest grossing typical 8x8... This deer was featured in North American Whitetail Magazine and many collectors consider this head one of the rarest trophies ever harvested by a hunter!! Total gross with the few non typical stickers is around 245 inches.

  Kansas No 2
Score 210"
Replica $775.00
World Widest!! Entered officially into the all time records for Boone and Crockett.
With a gross typical well over 210 inches this deer nets 197 placing him #2 for the state of KS!!


Score 211"
Replica $750.00
Score 322"
Replica $1,495.00
  Wisconsin No 5
Score 211"
Replica $750.00
Magatron!! 211 gross
typical points on a 6x6 frame with a couple non typicals this head nets 201 typical placing him in the top 15 typical whitetails ever harvested!! Great spread and a beautiful low profile image. Make this a must for a collector!!
Helicopter, WOW!!!
Spinning out of control with its spiraling giant non typical points this head is a show stopper!!! Unheard of inside spread of 36 inches will surely swallow any whitetail rack up!!! Giant height, and nice mass, and very unique look all add up to a photogenic collectors piece!!
One of the most classic up right giant typical deer grossing 211 inches off of just 11 points is a very rare trophy!!


Score 240"
Replica $1,495.00

  Chris Woods
Score 268"
Replica $1,795.00
  This incredible Kansas bow kill supports the most number of inches of drops and flyers of any deer ever to walk the earth!!! 9 drop tines and 6 flyers add up to around 100 inches of freak non typical growth.. This is truly an amazing deer with only a 12 inch inside spread and around 20 inch beams and it still grosses over 240 inches!!! First time ever molded and on the market. Don't miss this rare opportunity!!!   Autumn legends presents North American Whitetail Front Cover Buck "The Chris Woods Buck"!!! For the great state of Iowa Grossing 268 inches, this giant non typical was killed in the firearms season of 2008!!! Supporting a giant typical frame over 200 inches and several non typicals and even a drop tine this is a must have for your wall..Beauty, great eye appeal, and giant non typical brow tines allow this deer to rank high up in the record books!!! Don't miss out on this opportunity..  

  Chris Woods
Score 268"
Replica $1,795.00

  Chris Woods
Score 268"
Replica $1,795.00
Autumn legends presents North American Whitetail Front Cover Buck "The Chris Woods Buck"!!! For the great state of Iowa Grossing 268 inches, this giant non typical was killed in the firearms season of 2008!!! Supporting a giant typical frame over 200 inches and several monotypic and even a drop tine this is a must have for your wall..Beauty, great eye appeal, and giant non typical brow tines allow this deer to rank high up in the record books!!! Don't miss out on this opportunity..


Murray Mellon
Score 312 0/8"
Non Typical
Replica $3,000.00

As of to date there have only been 5 Wild Deer that ever scored over 300" in antler growth!
This whitetail rack is one of the most photogenic of all time. A lot is due to the Massive Brow Tines.
It also has a 31" outside spread and numerous points and stickers going everywhere! Found dead in Alberta, Canada. After minor repairs, it's still all of the Canadian Provinces No #1 record for Non Typical! Truly one of a kind and shocking display of Natures Wonderment! Wouldn't you agree? A-men!

  Matt Seifert
Score 180 4/8"
Replica $750.00
This typical 11 point giant was shot on October 29, 2010 in Trempealeau CO. Wisconsin, and ranked as the WI #2 bow kill, and currently holds the Trempeleau County Record typical whitetail ever taken. This 240 pound whitetail had a score of 186 3/8 inches gross and netted only 6 inches of deductions scoring 180 4/8. The deer carries main beams just shy of 30 inches which is truly unbelievable, including 8 inch brow tines with one bladed and one split. The tine height is unspeakable when looking at this animal with nearly 13 inch tines, pulled together by massive 5 inch bases.

Chris Ayres
Score 123"
Replica $695.00
World Class Coues Deer from Old Mexico. Tremendous Mass carried through out rack! Numerous points and sticker every where. Very photogenic or pleasing to look at! Wouldn't you agree ??

  Flint Hills King (shed)
Score 120"
Replica $495.00
WORLD CLASS SHED ANTLER!!! The shed from the Flint Hills King Buck!!! This giant Kansas shed is one of the rarest pieces of wild natural art available!! This free standing (one in a million) shed will be a great display piece for any log cabin or office..The monster shed scores around 120 inches and has a 100 5/8 inch typical 7 point frame!! From the tip of the g2 to the end of the main beam it measures a staggering 23 2/8 inches. The longest ever heard of in a wild deer.. Don't miss this opportunity..

  Missouri No.1 shed
Score 121 7/8"
Replica $495.00

Talk about a Star Cluster of tines and stickers for a wild deer
Unbelievable beautiful colors in this Shed! Available now!


  Score 101"
Replica $395.00
A TRUE BEAUTY OF A SHED. This monster scores 101 inches B/C from just 6 points!! Incredible mass and tine length with the H3 mass measurement going 8 1/8 inches. Very rare for a whitetail deer. The Antler you are looking at is a painted shed replica with a perfect pedicle. This is very important to the shed collector!! We specialize in making our shed repos exact in detail. Don't miss this opportunity!


Jeff Crawn Sheds
Score over 195"
Replica $900.00

This is an Amazing set of Sheds! Truly shocking to look at on a skull cap!

  Flint Hills King
mounted on real skull

Score 255"
Replica $1,195.00
WOW look at the beauty of this Kansas giant known as the FLINT HILLS KING BUCK.
This is an actual replica mounted on a real full skull. This whitetail was featured in BIG BUCK MAGAZINE. You wont see a more realistic piece of art than this.. The beauty of this whitetail surpasses many bucks for its visual eye appeal.. With a towering gross score of 255 B/C and a huge typical frame of 215, this set is a must have for any collection.. This set can be sold as single sheds with perfect pedicles or, mounted on a skull cap or, full skull which ever to your likings. Prices start at $1095.00 inquire about other options.


Score 300"
Replica $1,095.00
Here is a true double beam giant!!! This deer has it all: Giant mass, a monstrous frame reaching out to over 35 inches wide, super fat tines, an unusual giant double beam, and bases as big as pop cans.. The actual antlers weigh in at 17 lbs. This is a must have and a true Hog of a whitetail!!


A Giant Texas Big Double Drop Tine Buck!
Rack Scores Net 252 1/8 "
Gross 259 5/8"
Replica $ 1,250.00

Very balanced and pleasing to look at! Should make into a Decal!

Nicholes Buck
Score over 247"
Non Typ
Replica $1,200.00

This Wild Kansas deer is amazing due to its 7 1/2" Bases. It continues to carriy Mass throughout the Anler Rack! Combine all the Beads going up the beams it could be used for a Saw! Very balanced looking with all that Mass and Points! Truly a Rare find!


Bucknel Buck
Score 268"
Non Typ
Replica $1,400.00

Finally it's molded. This most Outstanding Rack is ready for replicas!
This a wild deer from the Canadian back county! Zoom it up close!
You have to agree it has every thing! Nothing else that Mother Nature could have added to it!


  Kansas King
Score 217" Typical
Replica $495.00

Most sold replica copies of all time over the last 20 years (over 5,000 copies)
Offered in two colors.
Northern Browns or Kansas Reddish paint schemes!

  George Reed Wildlife Design
Rutland, Vermont

Kansas King
217" Typical
Replica $495.00


  Secret Weapon
Score 300"
Replica $1,600.00


New MN. No#7 No #1 By Youth
Dylan Buck
Score 244"
Replica $1,450.00
A super addition to any collection of monster racks!!!!! With 27 points, a gross score of 250 6/8 and a net score of 243 0/8. This Sebeka MN area buck would be the deer of a lifetime for anybody, but it is just the beginning for 12 year old "Dylan Beach" of Motley MN. Placing him first place in MN for youth firearm non typical. Congradulations to you Dylan!

  Wagner Sheds (Knife Handle)
Gross 232"
Tines 6x8
Net 207 1/8"

James Albring
Score 213 2/8 "
Replica $495.00
Replica on 25" Shoulder mount!

Replica on a
25 " Shoulder Mount

James Albring
Score 213 2/8 "
Replica $495.00

James Albring Il. World Record : Left antler shed 104 6/8" Entered in Buck Master Record Book ! On skull a skullcap 20 2/8 " I.S. The score is 213 2/8 " Gross Brow Tines 12" & 14" AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Milo Hanson : Biggar, SASK 213 5/8" Typ is Current World Record !!!

  Gladiator XL
Score 390" Gross

  Gladiator XL
Score 390" Gross
Replica $2,000.00


Schultz / Destiny's Buck Wisconsin's No. #5
Notice the outstanding Double Drops! It has 22 score able points! What a Buck!
Score 242 1/8"
Replica $1,450.00

Joel Deere
Score 222 7/8"
Replica $1,450.00
This Outstanding whitetail was taken in the 2014 gun season in Kittson county, which is located in the extreme Northwestern part of Minnesota fifteen miles from the Canadian border! It has everything including Mass, Stickers, Rack Symmetry and Unbelievable Dark Antler Colors! This is Truly one of Minnesota's finest deer ever taken. R
eplicas available for a limited time only!


Golden Buck

Score 307 1/8"
Replica $1,995.00

he Golden Buck lived wild in the Mountains of Mesa County in western Colorado.
He was harvested by Golden Obray in 1961. The Golden Buck has been featured in two prints by King Worlds " Magnificent Seven" prints, two paintings by wildlife artist Ransom Owens and numerous magazine articles and calendars. He is one of the most magnificent Mule Deer bucks to ever walk the earth in the wild. His O/S spread of 42 5/8 and I/S spread of 33 2/8 with great mass and 27 measurable points gives him an unbelievable B&C score of 305 2/8 and an SCI score of 307 1/8.

The owner of this remarkable buck has authorized a limited number of replicas to be cast and sold by AUTUMN LEGENDS/ ARTISTIC ANTLERS. This is your opportunity to own one of the greatest replicas that will ever be offered for sale.



Thorp Replica

Gross score is 289 3/8"
Net score is 284 0/8"

Right side measures 142 5/8"
Left side measures 129 5/8"

If you want to know the typical mainframe is 193 2/8" gross.
Replica $1,495.00

Finally released. Another Super Giant Mule deer taken in the Utah Canyons in the 1950's . I can only imagine the what would be going through ones mind putting your hands on him the first time ! Incredible.

Drop Tine Buck
Score 237 7/8"
Replica $1,200.00

Drop Tine Buck lived in the mountains of Mesa County in western Colorado.
He was harvested by Golden Obray in 1965. Drop Tine has an unbelievable amount of mass that carries all the way through his 38 4/8 O/S spread and 26 7/8 I/S spread with 19 measurable points. The main frame SCI Typical score is 209 1/8 and Non Typical SCI score is 237 7/8. The incredible circumference score alone adds 57 inches and separates him from any other bucks that you might see.

The owner of this remarkable buck has authorized AUTUMN LEGENDS/ ARTISTIC ANTLERS to cast and sell a limited number of replicas of this amazing buck.



Lindstrand Elk
Score Pending
Replica $2,700.00

An outstanding Bow Harvest of a Big 8x9 Elk in the Teton mountain area.
Reminds myself of the Giant Stags of New Zealand. Remarkable trophy and live long memories. Congratulations to you Again!


  Horn Replicas


  Jim Hens New No. #1 Stone Sheep with a bow!
Score 179 1/8 "
Replica $1,200.00

What a True Trophy!

  This massive ram has base circumferences of 15 3/8" with longest horn length 41 2/8".






Twidder Bill's Dream Ram
Replica $995.00
Twiddler Bill's Dream Ram Now available !
  Can be used as a Stone or Dall Sheep. Measurements R 49" x L 48 1/4", Width 13 1/2" Bases.
Paint any colors preferred. Replica seam only down the center of the skull cap! What a Giant!





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