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Custom Museum Quality Antler Replicas

Autumn Legends and Artistic Antlers

I'm Dale Livingood and I would like to share how the talented staff at Autumn Legends and Artistic Antlers builds custom antler molds and makes museum quality antler replicas. Our company replicates horns and antlers from whitetail deer, moose, elk, stags, sheep, exotics and also offers custom velvet on real antlers and replicas.

I have been involved in the industry for 21 years and have seen many changes during that time. A decade ago you could hardly sell a replica. If a hunter shot a record whitetail back then, he might consider replicating it in case the original was was stolen or lost in a fire. Sometimes a replica was created in order to sell the original to a private collector and still keep a "head" on the wall.

This mind-set has substantially changed. Sportsmen now understand that trophy racks posses two values: the actual rack, and the "purchase of molding rights". Some hunters love to display their trophies in multiple locations.

Autumn Legends and Artistic Antlers recently molded and replicated a whitetail named "Double Down". He scored 386 BC inches with 11 1/8th inch bases and more than 80 inches of mass. This was an extremely rewarding experience, and it was an honor to mold and replicate such a noteworthy whitetail.

The process starts when clients select Autumn Legends and Artistic Antlers. Most incoming projects are by referrals from satisfied customers due to the quality antler replicas they received. Trust is very important; a great amount of time and investment is involved.

Of the various antler replicating businesses in the industry, the major difference is the method of molding and the type of materials used. For example, polyester replica was quite popular five to six years ago. It was beautiful, but extremely brittle. Autumn Legends and Artistic Antlers discovered a new blend of materials composed of polyurethane and additives that are extremely durable and is the same weight as a real rack, which makes it very receptive to painting and toning.

When a work order is drafted, our clients know the exact start and completion dates. Our focus is our clients needs and goals. Ask our current customers.

Autumn Legends and Artistic Antlers does antler cut-offs which means burs need to be reinstalled. This is made easier if at the time of cutting antlers, an alginate mold of remaining burs is made. When/ if this is necessary, please contact Autumn legends to learn how to make this relatively simple mold in the field.

When considering a replica, ask these questions: What material is being used? Are the seams ground? Are holes filled and repaired before painting? Does the blending and toning of colors look like the original? And finally, does it look real?

In regards to painting, there are very few exceptional painters in this field. We consider Autumn Legends and Artistic Antlers among the best at this critical stage of every replica. Whitetail antlers can range in colors from almost snow white in Iowa and Kansas; dozens of shades of brown in Minnesota; mahogany-colored in Texas; and to extremely darken in Canada.

Autumn Legends and Artistic Antlers is looking forward to this season and the incredible projects it will bring, and looks forward to making life-long friendships over some of God's greatest creatures.

Thank you for the privilege of serving you.





Please contact us for more information and prices.

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Cell: 218 - 820 - 5053


Autumn Legends and Artistic Antlers

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